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written with a blue crayon on a priceless Monet

kit maguire
25 February 1978
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-----------------JOIN ME AND MY TRICKSTER 4-----------------
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And how did the master of the tricksters come to be?

******your screen goes all blurred as we cut to flashback. everything is now back and white, spooky huh?****

an old man from far away left a basket on my parent's doorstep. attached to the baby was a note that read, "please take care of this child, he is destined for great things". my parents looked at this gift, and being the people they are, left it alone as they were right in the middle of conceiving me. (what became of the baby we don't know, our neighbours said a dog got it or something).

You are Captain Jack Harkness. You'll sleep with
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My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 雄大 Masahiro (big hero).
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