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to hell with myface and bebook   
04:59am 06/08/2008
mood: hopeful

i've decided lj is where i should be, i missed a tonne of you guys.

so i think i will be posting here instead of the soulless sites of doom ^^


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05:14pm 31/03/2007
mood: nerdy

doctor who again tonight 

yay :D


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bow chika bow wow   
12:41pm 16/03/2007
mood: mischievous
oh noes, the world must be ending.....

i update so soon?

amma has gone home for mother's day so due to the crappiness of shift work i sit at home alone for a few days. looks like second life is gonna get a hammering while she is gone :)


just read part one of buffy season 8, joss whedon decided that since they won't let him make tv anymore he would release it as a comic series. it's still written by him and because i can't spoil it for people all i will say is omg-zors. seems he wants to go epic with it and also keep it very topical with the current US administration and it's dubious choices. 

lets just see if he has the balls to do what i think he's gonna do.

see y'all soon xx 
*toddles off to read x-men*

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dun dun duuuuunnnnn   
04:08pm 14/03/2007
mood: chipper

hi hi, :D

ok so its been a while (seems to be how i start alot of online things hmm)

got a poke from a friend to update :) *feels loved*

43 weeks apparently since i last updated, wow, long time

ok so since the last message whats been going on then? still at that stinkin *coughs* telewest *coughs* virgin media job but on a new team now where i hardly speak to customers yay, i have better hours too and manage myself, all is good there. i met amma last year and since i posted we got all involved and stuff so yay to that, she's pretty cute, no scratch that, VERY cute and we hit it off so well. she's a big geek too so this is happiness. anyways she moved in a while back and we got all engaged (like, hold up wtf! yes you heard right, mr never-getting-married is all engaged. i know. i know. do not fully understand it myself, but life throws you a bone not too often).

okies well, that would be a breif catch up :)

i'll hopefully post more often, take cares

bye xx

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the first real post in ages   
05:26pm 20/04/2006
mood: hopeful
ok so here is a REAL post:

lots has been happening in the real world. most of it bloody awful to be honest, but i'm not really one to talk about that sort of thing online so i kept quiet.but here is a few bits:

so yeah, me and ruby split up, most of you will know one side of that story. i don't like talking about that sort of thing online as i've said but there you go.things are not good there, alot of people have cut me off without knowing both sides, but thankfully alot of people have also let it pass them and just been there for both of us. those that judge me on one side of it obviously don't care to hear the full story or want to acknowledge there is one either. so f**k em.they probably don't know me anyways. i'm not gonna start preaching my side of things, i just don't want to yet, if at all, but needless to say, i'm also upset about all this and am dealing with it in my own way. since ruby broke it off, i've been all over the place inside, and thanks to those who have been there to help and support me.a big f**k you to all the vultures that have been hanging around ruby, bad mouthing me just to bolster their chances of getting laid.if you are going to support ruby (and i hope people do because i still love her)
do it for the right reasons and don't stir it up so you can further your own agenda.

anyways, no more for now.

thanks again to the decent folk :)

take care

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posty posty post post   
05:16pm 10/04/2006
  hi :D

i am posting a post.

this is me posting a post.

it's now posted.

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meme.....and i havn't even been here.   
12:57pm 28/02/2006
mood: curious
Your results:
You are Catwoman
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You have had a tough childhood,
you know how to be a thief and exploit others
but you stand up for society's cast-offs.

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an update? me? at this hour?   
06:18pm 25/01/2006
mood: calm
okies i've been distracted by MMOs recently so there

hi anyways, yes i'm still alive, yes i have all my limbs and yes the rumors of my sleep have been greatly exaggerated.

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05:09pm 04/11/2005
mood: bemused
i think i have fallen asleep, am i having surreal dreams??

if i'm awake Hayden Christensen just made toffee apples called "darth by chocolate" on Blue Peter.

He looked confused by the experience and probably wondered if he should get a new manager.

last night i discovered brie is better than chedder when on a surimi stick sandwich.

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worky work   
08:57pm 19/10/2005
mood: happy
i've been taking calls for a few days now and only had one bad customer :)

he was a bastard anyways who owed telewest £170 pounds in unpaid pay per view bills

"no you can't have the chelsea match mr ******, you have to pay your bill first before we can do anything"

well that's how it could have gone...it went more like this:

"no you, *click*" he hung up after being a right nob.

i like it when old people call,they are great.

"i'm 92,i can dismantle a typewriter in a couple of minutes but this digital stuff leaves me confused"

bless her,she was a good one.

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i feel like i'm 8 years old   
09:14pm 10/10/2005
mood: nostalgic

my doug mcclure collection has arrived. i can be 8 years old again and watch rubber monsters chase him as his shirt becomes more and more undone. he really does think he's macho doesn't he? i don't think i've never known a more silly lead actor.

just watched "the land that time forgot" for the first time since i was little. it was great.....even if it was poo.in fact it was great because it was poo.

long live men in rubber monster suits,fur bikinis on cavegirls and innacurate victoriana.

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a meme......but at least it's "lost"   
10:08pm 08/10/2005
mood: content
lookie who i got:

You scored 25% kindness, 63% courage, 86% seedy past, and 74% secretiveness!

"Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I've just been tortured by a damned spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine Iraqi. Of course I'm serious!"

You are Sawyer. You aren't really a kind person, but you are fearless and a force to be reckoned with. Your past is full of dark secrets that you can't seem to live with. However, the worst possible thing to do is to keep everything locked up inside! Have a few more slumber parties by the campfire with Kate, and maybe you'll finally be able to get that weight off your chest.

Your polar opposite is: Walt You are similar to: Kate and Locke.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on kindness

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You scored higher than 90% on courage

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You scored higher than 99% on seedy past

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You scored higher than 92% on secretiveness
Link: The Which Lost Character Are You Test written by ack_attack on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

confused but, fair enough. would've liked charlie or locke, but this will do.

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blah blah blah   
06:49pm 05/10/2005
mood: calm
today we buried wind in the front garden. it was sad....he was getting old though.

in other news: i need ideas for the weekend......ruby has abandoned me all weekend.(thursday night til sunday evening). i need stuff to do apart from a firefly marathon.

sock it to me.

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a quick fact   
10:37pm 04/10/2005
mood: happy

only one and a half weeks at telewest has made my cynical outlook 1000 times worse.

my word......and i have yet to speak to a customer. the staff and my fellow "classmates" are a very silly bunch and are the single reason for this new level of mirth at us pesky creatures.

when the bomb drops and cockroaches are left,they surely can't do worse than us.

all things considered though, besides this......life is sweet right now.

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here we go   
08:41pm 30/09/2005
mood: geeky and interested
ok here's a question for you, it's a good old "who'd win in a fight?" type question. (i borrowed it from angel and spike):

cavemen vs astronauts?

(no weapons allowed, just caveman versus astronaut)

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everybody sing "self esteem is for everybody"   
12:25pm 28/09/2005
mood: smiley
lookie at this little thingy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ok, ok so it's not exactly new but i've only just seen it.....and it's the best episode ever!!!!

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i've been a bit ill.........poo   
03:08pm 18/09/2005
mood: under the weather
ok, so i've been a bit ill so trying to be excited about good news has been a bit difficult.

my interview (as mentioned 2 posts ago) was with the dreaded telewest. i did however get a job from it. ok telewest are scumbags in many ways, but i get free digital tv and broadband at the highest packages.
also, it pays better than my last job......which is nice.

looking for better work while i'm there is easy enough aswell. :)

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for those who are bothered   
08:12pm 17/09/2005
mood: confused
danny has just bben on "the x factor"

yup, yup, our freindly neighbourhood village-gay got his moment on tv.

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01:01am 16/09/2005
mood: bouncy
today i was given the chance to treat myself for the first time since we moved.

i finally got me ANGEL season 5 dvds.

ok,ok so it's old now, but it was on during the short period we had no cable so i missed it all.

i like spike, who likes spike......me that's who........him and angel make a good comedy double act.

i also got the new battlestar galactica series, which i have already seen many times, but we had a voucher and it was on sale :)

i feel dvd geeky again :)

in other news:

i had me an interview today, no idea how it went, i'm sure i'll know at some point soon.

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i'm piecing together parts of a holistic puzzle   
01:03am 12/09/2005
mood: cakked
i'm looking for a copy of ludwig von's 7th symphony (and also the "barry lyndon" soundtrack, but thats another story).

who in this great electronic abyss can help??

i downloaded the only copy of the 7th symphony i could find after days of trawling newsgroups etc.

it has bloody ocean sounds all over it.........................poo

everytime i look for it all i get it bloody 9th 9th 9th. oooooooh. ode-to-joy this you bastards.

i could just go out and buy a copy i guess..........i thought i'd scrounge a copy first though.

anyways, lots of visitors came this weekend. i saw phil's band play again (phil has the chest of a much hairier man).

there see i updated about my life.......i pandered to the live journal god (i think it's a goat :p)...........gimme music now.

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